Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bow Ties and Boxer Shorts-- In Search of a Metaphor...

I have been trading metaphors for the candidacy process with some friends of mine recently. One friend suggested that the candidacy process is like a beauty pageant-- the candidate-pastor is carefully rehearsed, dressed in their best, and trying to win the contest of placement. Another friend said that his view of candidacy has always been stripping down to his boxer shorts and showing everything he has, but the problem is that most churches would rather see you in black tie and tails.

I have always thought that the more "institutional" forms of seeking placement (using a seminary placement office, a denominational administration committee, etc.) is something very close to an online dating service: you fill out your profile and submit it, then wait for the (unknown and mysterious) system to churn out a possible match, who then will call and ask you out. Following this metaphor, my wife suggested once that, in my desire for a more relational process, I should "kiss dating goodbye"!

What metaphors do you like?

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