Monday, November 29, 2004

The Holy Spirit at work

Over the past two months, five different people have mentioned the same church to me. They haven't conspired together, nor were any in the room when another mentioned it. Although they all know each other, at least loosely, none would have any reason to mention it to another. All but one of them offered the suggestion unsolicited; they simply walked up to me and said it. The last (no less than the president of the seminary) spoke up immediately about this church when I asked him if he had any suggestions for me. The message from all was similar: I think you should consider submitting your resume to ____.

I have the fullest confidence in the Holy Spirit's work in this process. I know that He guides my every move, as well as the work of those search committees that are on the "other end" of the process for me. Does the Holy Spirit work through circumstances like the one I just described to get my attention? I am confident that He does. Even when I forget that He is at work at all.

Now, I'm not saying that I think the Spirit is necessarily calling me to be pastor of that particular church. (A professor and I joked about this, however-- surely, we decided, when I've heard from seven people about this church, it is a clear mandate from the Lord!) It may well be that He wants me to see a living picture of what I surely do not want-- or to show them what THEY don't want! Or it may be that the Spirit would have me contact them for some reason I cannot fathom.

What I am saying is that, for whatever reason, the Holy Spirit wants me to know about this church's need for a pastor.

I'll be sending them my resume soon...

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