Friday, March 11, 2005

Presentation tomorrow...

I give my presentation on “the importance of advance preparation” at Covenant Seminary tomorrow (and again on Monday night). I've worked out five key factors (based on the results of my survey) that contribute to successful placement. Here they are:
  1. A healthy placement “work-ethic
  2. A well-utilized placement network
  3. A strong sense of calling
  4. A willingness to follow God
  5. Humility and submission regarding the process
I've already written about two of these; over the next few weeks, I'll work out details about the rest of them, as well as more information about the first two. Stay with me.


jane. said...

* hope it went smoothly.

Ed said...

Thanks Jane-- I think it went about as well as it could go. I went over on my time, both times; apart from that, I think things went very well. I've gotten a lot of positive and affirming feedback from it, which I've appreciated. My hope is that it was helpful, encouraging, and challenging to the students who heard it.