Saturday, April 30, 2005

Starting up again?

Technically, it's still April. April of 2005-- which means that I still have more than one full year before I am even available to begin a pastorate. And, as I've mentioned before, my research has demonstrated that no student seeking a solo pastorate found placement more than three months out from graduation, so statistically I am unlikely to find it now. But...

I got an e-mail from a friend who works with the Embers to A Flame ministry two days ago. A church contacted him, wanting the names of recommended candidates. He gave them mine, and will be passing on my resume to them as well.

There are dozens of reasons why this won't work out. Still, even the thought of starting the process of candidacy again gets my adrenaline going. And this event helped me make a key decision: I had been planning to wait until fall to re-start my candidacy process in earnest, but now I think I'll get it going over the summer. Probably even in June.

When I reflect on this more objectively, I think that when God has called you to do something-- and you've discerned that calling to a certain point of understanding-- it is exciting, not daunting, to do His work (and even to anticipate doing it). There are plenty of things I don't yet know about my calling, and plenty of things I'm not looking forward to doing as a part of it, but God has been, and is, faithfully working out His calling for me in my heart. I can't wait.

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