Friday, June 24, 2005

Check-In: June 24, 2005

This is a new aspect for my blog that will be a regular feature. It's exactly what it sounds like-- I'll give an update on the status of my candidacy process. I will try to provide a Check-In at least once a month (and if things really get going, I'll Check-In more often).

As of today, there is exactly one church that has my resume in consideration. From everything I know, this church would be a wonderful place to serve. It is here in Missouri, which would be unpopular with our extended families (and is not our first preference, either), but Missouri has been friendly to us for these four years, so I'm very open to it.

It is because of the closeness to St. Louis that I have already submitted my resume to them; it is possible that I could begin preaching regularly there before my commitments to Wildwood Christian School are over. I know of at least two other churches that I would love to be a candidate with, but I'm withholding my information until I think the time is right (according to when it is in relationship to my availability).

One other aspect is at work in my candidacy process: when I went to General Assembly, I had the opportunity to meet with several people who may be good contacts through the process. I hope to make more of this type of contact over the coming few months.

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