Monday, July 04, 2005

A commitment to those who have placed

This is more of an announcement than anything else: for the next two months, I will post once a week on the transition into ministry. This is for three consecutive reasons (all of which are pretty big assumptions):
  • I am assuming (presuming?) that I have a readership-- and what is more, that at least some of those readers are actually seminary students who have been in the candidacy process recently.
  • I'm assuming that some of those readers have graduated from seminary and have placed into ministry.
  • I'm assuming that recent seminary graduates who are placed (and others who have recently placed) will appreciate some thoughts and reflections on the transition into ministry, now that the candidacy is over.
So here are my goals for these posts: to be thoughtful, practical, and encouraging. I want my blog to be a useful tool to those in the process-- not just on the front-end, but as you move into a new ministry as well (particularly if it is a first ministry!).

And by the way-- if you have recently placed, may God bless you in your new ministry!

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