Saturday, January 14, 2006

Officially finished

The transcripts published today: I'm officially a graduate! All forms approved, all final grades in, all classes passed.

The only thing left is to walk in the ceremony in May.

Between now and then, I'll be receiving my graduation present: a very nice Geneva gown (in black, not white like the one in the picture) from my mother. Thanks mom! And hopefully I'll get a Covenant Theological Seminary graduate hood; these are beautiful, with the Covenant tartan (that's plaid for you non-Scots) imported from Scotland and nicely integrated.

There it is-- I finally can say that I'm finished.

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Megan said...

Ed, I've meant to leave this comment for some time now and just keep forgetting. But CONGRATULATIONS!!

And that goes out to Marcie as well... :)

Ed said...

Thanks Megan. It's great to be done... I'm looking forward to watching you and Craig walk in a few years.