Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Practical wisdom

I've been listening to a great podcast called "Manager Tools" lately.

If you don't know "podcasts", these are the audio and, more recently, video equivalents of blogs. Think of them as privately produced radio. (And the video version of radio-- what would that be?)

Manager Tools focuses on the "what to do" aspects of management. But so much of what they talk about is not restricted in application to management-- really it is about working with people. So a whole lot of what they're doing is relevant and useful for ministry.

A recent show discusses "Secrets of a great handshake". This strikes me as required listening for ministry professionals.

Another one that should be mastered for pastors and other ministry workers is "Giving effective feedback". They actually offer up a handful of shows on feedback.

Good stuff. If you have any sense of contextualization, you should dig into Manager Tools.

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1 comment:

T. Chris said...

Thanks, Ed. This is a helpful resource