Thursday, August 31, 2006

Links, information of interest

Quickly, I'd like to mention a few links that you may be interested in:

My friend Craig Dunham, a student at Covenant Seminary, is writing about his "journey" of discerning a call to pastoral ministry.  You can read the first of his posts on his blog, Second Drafts.  You'll find the rest of Craig's posts to be good reading, as well.

Project Management Source has published 101 ways to organize your life.  There's a lot of good content here, very helpful for the pastor, ministry worker, or seminary student.

If you're looking for a good resource of Bible maps, there's an online Bible atlas that is top-notch.  Downloadable images, too.

Seminary students (and other students, too) who use Macs will find the freeware program Schoolhouse a useful tool for organizing assignments.

Writers (Mac-users, at least) may find their search for a good, usable writing program fulfilled with Scrivener, a writing tool developed by a writer.  Scrivener combines the best features of a handful of programs to wonderful effect.  Best of all, Scrivener is, for now, free; eventually it will be released in a paid-for version, but even that should only be in the $30-40 range.  Good stuff.

Also, a few other bits of information:

The article I've been working on for ByFaith magazine is on hold; my editor likes the article and plans to publish it, but wants to pace the magazine's "political challenge" pieces a little more slowly.  I can't say that I blame him; he's been coming under fire a good bit lately for, shall we say, controversial approaches to political issues.

Finally, look for the first-ever Placement Reflections podcast later this week.  I'm not going to promise any sort of regularity, but there are topics that lend themselves to podcasting a bit more easily than blogging, so I'll tackle those in that format as I can.  I hope to have that posted by Saturday.

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