Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Books I want to read

Here are some books I've come across that I want to read:

John Cionca, Search Counsel: a Devotional Coaching Guide for Search Committees
Thomas P. Sweetser and Mary Benet McKinney, Changing Pastors: a Resource for Pastoral Transitions
Robert H. Ramey and Herb Miller, The Pastor's Start-up Manual: Starting a New Ministry
Alice Mann, Raising the Roof: the Pastoral-to-Program Size Transition
Wayne E. Oates, Grief, Transition, and Loss: a Pastor's Practical Guide
Nancy Tatom Ammerman and Carl S. Dudley, Congregations in Transition: a Guide for Analyzing, Assessing, and Adapting in Changing Communities
Jane Forsythe Fishburn, People of a Compassionate God: Creating Welcoming Congregations
Dean R. Hoge and Jacqueline E. Wenger, Pastors in Transition: Why Clergy Leave Local Church Ministry
Carolyn Weese and J. Russell Crabtree, The Elephant in the Boardroom: Speaking the Unspoken about Pastoral Transitions
Max Lucado, A Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot

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