Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Apprentice lesson #2: full-orbed evaluations

As with Pastoral candidacy, candidates on The Apprentice are evaluated for the position on every point of information available, not simply their work or their experience.  Candidates on The Apprentice have been fired for problems related to their work-ethic, team contribution, and failure to perform the assigned duties.  But they have also been fired for not standing up for themselves, goofing off, being a jerk to a teammate, and making poor personal choices.

In other words, candidates on The Apprentice can be fired for something during the more formal interview aspects of the show, or for the informal, "personal" time of the show.

The take-away for pastoral candidates is this: when you are interviewing, you are always "on".  This means that, if you are visiting a church for the weekend, you are being evaluated every moment you are there.  If you are doing a phone interview, background noise and activity counts.  And if you are corresponding with them in any way, every aspect of your correspondence matters.

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