Sunday, November 26, 2006

Perspective in candidacy from Trump's The Apprentice

In 2004, Donald Trump and NBC began a reality-TV revolution with The Apprentice.  The premise is simple: spend a few weeks working with others while at the same time competing with them, and every episode one of the "candidates" will be eliminated (Trump's "you're fired" quickly became a famous tagline for the show, and he even sought trademark rights for it in 2004).  At the end of the season, the final two candidates will go through a much more rigorous evaluation than before, and finally one of them is told "you're hired!"

Scheduled to begin its sixth season in January, The Apprentice is actually a pretty good place to gain some new understanding about the pastoral candidacy process, as well.  This connection came to mind as I was reading a section of Richard Nelson Bolles's What Color Is Your Parachute? over the past week.

During the coming week I'll do a handful of quick posts where I reflect on these lessons.

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