Thursday, January 18, 2007

Additional resume advice

The Wall Street Journal ran a very good article on putting together an effective resume.  While much of the advice there is business-oriented--- and therefore may be more difficult to achieve in ministry (after all, do churches and ministries really do good, effective performance reviews?)--- there is still helpful advice to be found, particularly if you can translate into a ministry context.

Perhaps the best advice comes in point two, Review a performance checklist:
Ask yourself the following questions about each of your previous jobs:
  • What was your impact on your division, company and group?
  • What would not have happened if you hadn't been there?
  • What are you proudest of during your time with the company?
Exchange words like this: division= ministry, company= church/organization, group= ministry team.  Once that translation is done, you have some sound advice about what to highlight in a resume.

I recommend this article highly.

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