Saturday, January 13, 2007

On getting an early start

I've mentioned before that my research shows how an early start, combined with diligent work, is crucial to an effective placement.  These combine for what I like to call a "placement work ethic."

Looking at the research a bit more deeply, this effect is surprisingly stark.  Here are some statistics:
  • 11% of my survey's respondents did not begin their candidacy until AFTER graduation!
  • 9% began their search less than 3 months before graduation
These graduates struggled in finding placement in a timely, effective way:
  • For those who started at graduation, 60% of them required more than 3 months to place, and 80% of these took more than 6 months to place
  • 50% of those who began 3 months or less before graduating were placed by their graduation
  • Even those who began 4-6 months before graduation struggled: 40% of these were still without a call by the time of graduation
When asked, "what was one thing you would do differently?" no less than 14 different respondents answered, "I would have started earlier..."

This would have been a good change:
  • Of those who began their search 7 or more months prior to graduation, only 11% were not placed by the time they graduated
  • Less than 3% of these were still without a call within 3 months of graduation.
The lesson here: start as early in your candidacy as you can.

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