Friday, January 12, 2007

Transitions as free-agency?

The guys at Church Marketing Sucks (I know, the name is suspect, but the intention is pretty great) did a quick post that has long implications: Church Staff Free Agents.

Their post raises some very good questions quickly in my mind:
  • How should we view transitions like those they mention (all semi-known names moving to work with other semi-known names)-- as the work of good, thoughtful ministry team-building or as unhelpful consolidation of skills and leadership?
  • Should these "celebrities" of ministry be treated in a tabloid fashion, with news about transition reported in the same manner as sports trades?
  • Are pastors EVER "free agents" in any sense of that colloquial term?
  • Where does a sense of God's calling fit into transitions like these-- and how is that articulated by those involved?
[In asking the questions above, I'm not suggesting anything about the particular leaders and their decisions; the larger picture is in view for me here.]

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