Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Place and time

A friend and classmate from seminary reminded me of an important set of priorities a few days ago. He said:

"Remember that place is more important than timing."

This is good advice, and important to keep in focus. When you're in the midst of transition (as I am), it is natural to want to place as quickly as possible-- and when you have an opportunity near at-hand, the temptation to be ready to jump at accepting an offer is great.

I've known men whose desire for the "right timing" caused them to accept a call that they were not sure of; I've also known those who have chosen to wait (even turning down offers) until the right "place" came available. Invariably, those who have waited for the right place have had a better, longer, more fulfilling ministry than those who were in a hurry.

This may be the most difficult part of placement. But it is also one of the key factors to effective placement.

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