Wednesday, February 14, 2007

U-Line discounts

A few days ago I wrote on things to know about moving.  One of the companies I mentioned was ULINE, a company that sells shipping supplies and has a great (and affordable) selection of moving supplies.

Two things deserve follow-up about ULINE.  First, they regularly have special offers, monthly specials, and overstock sales.  If you're buying, you should check the Specials section of their website to find what you can get an even better deal on.

Second, however, is even better.  I called ULINE today to find out if I could negotiate a discounted rate for my readers and the folks in Covenant Seminary's "Candidating and Transition into Ministry" class (I have served as a guest lecturer in that class for the past two years, and have been invited back this year).  While I was unable to get a commitment for a regular, standing discount, the Advertising and Sales Associate I spoke to advised me instead to urge folks to ask for a discount when placing a telephone order.  She told me that ULINE sales reps were authorized to grant discounts, and that it wouldn't hurt to simply say, "hey, could you give me a 20% discount on my order?"  She couldn't guarantee that every rep would be agreeable, but the way she presented it sounded very favorable.

Ask and you might receive.

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