Monday, February 05, 2007

Writing updates

Those of you who follow my writing may be interested in these few notes:
  • I continue to write a (fairly) regular column for Low End Mac called "The Efficient Mac User".
  • I've also begun writing a new column for the well-established e-zine About This Particular Macintosh; my column is called "Next Actions" and it deals with how to use technology tools to implement David Allen's "Getting Things Done" task and project management system.
  • Getting Things Done (GTD) is a pretty esoteric subject, it's true; however, it scored me an interview with's David Williams about using GTD in the tech world.  (I'll let you know when the article is up.)
  • My sister and I recently completed an article for ByFaith called "Fighting Fallenness."  It discusses how churches can become communities of support and fellowship to hurting people.  If all goes well it should appear in the next issue.  (I'll put up a link to that as well.)
  • My friend and colleague Phil Douglass has completed his book, tentatively entitled Your Church Has a Personality, about the organizational temperament of churches and ministries and how they affect communication.  This is significant to me, as I helped him with some of the editing and research.  The book will be published by P&R and they've promised to deliver it in time for the PCA's General Assembly.  We're hoping to write a book together someday soon, combining his research with mine; it would focus on how churches and search committees can do a better job at finding and evaluating candidates.

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