Saturday, March 17, 2007

Candidacy questions, #2

Here is a list of questions from a questionnaire I was asked to complete.
  1. Describe your preferences for worship style; i.e., contemporary, traditional, blended, etc.
  2. What are the core values that define your vision for ministry?
  3. How do you handle conflict between people within the church?
  4. What are the greatest strengths in your ministry?
  5. What do you consider to be the primary areas for your own personal growth?
  6. What would you like for us to know about you that the Ministerial Data Form doesn’t tell?
  7. What aspects of the pastor’s job do you like most?
  8. The least?
  9. Tell us about your family.
  10. What are some difficult issues your family faces?
  11. Are your children be in public or Christian schools, or do you home-school them?
  12. What is your wife’s role in the church?
  13. Is she willing to teach a women’s Bible study or take a position on the WIC Council?
  14. What do you believe the role of women in the church should be?
  15. What kind of church are you looking for?
  16. Describe your relationship with the officers in your church.
  17. Have you thought about what goals you will have in a new calling?
  18. Tell us about your current financial situation.
  19. Do you have significant debts?
  20. What are your financial needs?
  21. What are your views on the church supporting missionaries?
  22. Do you visit members of the church that are shut-in or in rest homes?
  23. What is your ideal of ministering to young adults and singles?
  24. How do you feel about small groups and prayer meetings in homes?
  25. What are your thoughts on the church, youth, or WIC having fund raiser for special projects?
  26. What do you do for leadership training for church officers or would do as a senior pastor?
  27. What do consider profaning the Sabbath in relations to activities after church services? (examples: watching TV. playing sports, shopping or going out to eat).
  28. What translation do you preach out of?
  29. We are trying to grow a Presbytery in this area, would you be supportive and active in this process?
  30. Have you ever been charged with or convicted of a felony? Yes [ ] No [ ] if yes, please explain.
  31. Have you ever been accused of or disciplined for sexual misconduct, child or spousal abuse, or financial improprieties? Yes [ ] No [ ] If yes, from what classis? Please explain.
  32. What were or are the most effective programs in your church that you have been involved in?
  33. How do you feel about women wearing slacks or capri pants to church?

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