Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Writing updates

My grant proposal is off to Louisville, and I should hear from them by mid-April, it seems. I'm praying...

I recently mentioned how much I love my Fujitsu ScanSnap; catch my review of the ScanSnap at ATPM. You might also find interesting my articles there on using tech tools for "Getting Things Done" in a column called "Next Actions:"

Also, the article my sister and I wrote about hurting and loving those who hurt, called "Fighting Fallenness," was in the January/February issue of ByFaith magazine, but hasn't been posted on ByFaith's website.

Look for my two-part series called "A Mover's Guide" at Relevant magazine online in April. Find it in the "Career/Finance" section.

Some of what I'm doing here on the blog may be confusing or even frustrating: for example, I have two serial posts going, one on negotiating terms of call and the other on putting together an information packet. Both are taking a long time to complete, which makes the information less useful to you-- however, I am trying to do careful and solid research to present the best information about each of these topics. Thanks for your patience.

Finally, I'm still working on a book proposal for a book on transition from seminary into ministry. However, at the urging of a trusted friend, I have decided to divide that book into two: one book on seminary life and how to get the most out of seminary training, and the second on transition from seminary into ministry.

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