Monday, September 22, 2008

Exercise: Two helpful videos

Here are two quick videos that are helpful information on ministry, along with a couple of quick reflections on their use in the candidacy and placement process. This is the assignment: watch each video, then spend two minutes jotting down your responses to the reflection questions below them, with regard to your current church or a church you are candidating with. (Total time: 10 minutes)

John Piper on "What is the gospel?":

Reflection: ask the leaders (Elders, Deacons, Sunday School teachers) and the rest of the search team about the gospel. Do they get it? Can they articulate it? Is it something that they have an inherent understanding that they need the gospel more than anything else? Do they understand that your ministry must be essentially and primarily about teaching and preaching the gospel?

Tim Keller on Time Priorities (ht: Mark):

Reflection: when you are interviewing with a search team, keep this in mind. How do they talk about your time priorities? How do they speak of protecting your personal and family life in the midst of the demands of ministry?

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