Monday, September 29, 2008

Networking at work: case study #2 from my experience

Another case study from my own experience is below. This one is almost unbelievable, but it is completely true!

I grew up in a prominent United Methodist church in Columbia, South Carolina. My mother and step-father are still members of that church, and are quite active. Naturally, there are a number of people that my mother sees regularly who knew me well as a child, and who often inquire about how and what I am doing lately.

So it didn't come as a surprise to me one day when mom mentioned, "Our good friends the Harleys in Sunday School asked about you, and I told them you were looking for a position as a pastor. They were very interested in that."

Me: "Were they? That's thoughtful! Please tell them thanks for their interest."

Mom: "Well, they asked about where you were looking, and I mentioned that you were a presbyterian. And they said, 'Oh, our son-in-law is a presbyterian pastor.' I said, well, you were a PCA presbyterian-- because I know it's a smaller denomination. And they said, 'He is too! Maybe he could help your son!'"

Me: "Wow-- that's great, mom. Where is he a pastor?"

Mom: "They said he was in Mississippi."

Me: "Oh-- there are lots of PCA churches in Mississippi. Do you remember his name?"

Mom: "It was sort of a strange name... was it... Ligon?"

Me: "Ligon Duncan?"

Mom: "That's it! Their son-in-law's name is Ligon Duncan!"

And so, that is how I happened to spend a couple of hours in two different conversations with Ligon Duncan, who is certainly one of the most prominent people in the PCA, not to mention his involvement with leadership across the Reformed and evangelical world. Dr. Duncan was very gracious, and took great interest in my placement.

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