Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Help during difficult transitions due to economic distress

Some pastors are apparently being let go during this economic recession, because their churches aren't able to pay them anymore (or at least, they aren't able to pay them adequately). Thankfully, I have not encountered this personally, nor has anyone that I know, to my knowledge.

However, I am greatly encouraged to see this: in my denomination (the Presbyterian Church in America), we have an "agency" of our denomination called Retirement and Benefits, Inc. (RBI) who have as a part of their charter and purpose the economic assistance of pastors, missionaries, and other ministry workers (and their families) during difficult times. For example, the have long had a "Ministerial Relief Fund" whose purpose is to assist church workers in the PCA through one-time, periodic, or monthly financial aid.

This has a number of dimensions-- but the newest to be introduced is called "Emergency Assistance" and has in view those pastors and missionaries who have lost their ministry jobs due to the recession. Naturally, there are some stipulations, and an application and approval process is required. Still, this is a great ministry to folks in the PCA.

To learn more about RBI's Emergency Assistance program, follow this link.

Does your denomination have a similar program in place? I'd love to know about it, so that we can post a link at Doulos Resources and mention it here on the blog. Please, let us know!

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