Saturday, June 20, 2009

William the Baptist

Doulos Resources has recently released one of my latest projects: an updated edition of the book William the Baptist.

William the Baptist was published by James M. Chaney in 1877, and is a great book on Reformed, covenantal baptism. Some have called it the finest book ever written on baptism.

Unfortunately, it has been out of print for years, and the best copies available were simply facsimile editions that were often poorly printed. With Doulos Resources, I have updated this book for re-printing: the language has been gently edited to reflect 130+ years of linguistic changes; the Scripture quotations have been changed from the King James version to the English Standard version; Scripture quotes that were unattributed have been referenced in footnote; and a Scripture index is included.

I'm really excited about this, primarily because I have longed to see this book in print again for years. Check it out here:
William the Baptist

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