Saturday, February 06, 2010


Despite appearances, this blog is not defunct or nearly so! I actually have a small handful of posts that I've been working on, that will be coming soon. They include:
  • Strategies for investing for the future. This will be a multi-part series that digs into the question of retirement savings. It's a timely topic, it seems, since it's getting closer to tax day and because a lot of pastors are re-thinking their current plans (and their congregations are, hopefully, considering an increase in overall pay package, etc.). The topic fits nicely into the overall theme of "terms of call".
  • Dividing position description from pay package. This topic has actually come before me twice in the last several weeks (in very different contexts), so it's something I've been thinking through. The more I work through this, the more I'm convinced this is a fundamental and vital change in the way we think that needs to take place.
Keep an eye out for these and other posts!

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