Monday, May 03, 2010

Update on books (mine)

There has been a good bit going on, writing-wise, and I wanted to give my tens of readers an update about it.

To begin with, Doulos Resources released a book I wrote about six weeks ago: For All the Saints... Praying for the Church is a short book that I wrote for congregation-level reading, offering a guide to what specific ways people might pray for the church, the biblical basis behind each, and some suggested sub-topics for prayer under each. It's available in the Doulos Resources e-Store, as well as through Amazon, Monergism Books, the PCA's CE&P Bookstore, and the Covenant Seminary Bookstore.

Second, my friend and fellow pastor Mark Warnock joined me here in west Tennessee for a few days last week, and we made substantial progress on a book on surviving and thriving in seminary. Mark is one of the pastors of First Baptist Church of Columbia, IL and who writes and edits the blog Seminary Survival Guide. We're encouraged about the work we got done, and I hope that this book will be available by the end of this summer-- in time for incoming seminary classes everywhere to benefit from it.

Finally, I've also been making some progress (slow though it is) on my longtime-coming book on making an effective transition from seminary into ministry. If all goes according to (MY) plan, it will also be ready for a late summer/fall release. I'll keep you posted.

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