Monday, November 15, 2010

Lecturing on Pastoral Transition

For those of my 10s of readers who are in the Charlotte, NC area and are interested in hearing me lecture on the topic of Pastoral Transition (specifically, the transition from seminary into pastoral ministry), I will be lecturing this afternoon at Reformed Theological Seminary's Charlotte campus.

Dr. Rod Culbertson, who is Associate Professor of Practical Theology and the Dean of Student Development for RTS, graciously invited me to lecture to a new class he is teaching on "preparing for pastoral ministry". The class meets at 2pm, and I would guess that neither Dr. Culbertson nor the other students would mind if anyone happened to drop by.

Incidentally, I'll also be giving a lunchtime lecture at RTS tomorrow, on the topic of "The Solo Pastor."

If you don't happen to be in Charlotte and available for my lectures (more likely), please pray that there would be some value and benefit to these students in something that I have to say.


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