Friday, December 31, 2010

Good pieces on pastoral compensation

Doug Wilson recently wrote a series of posts on "ministerial compensation" on his blog. He included four posts:

Double Honor
Shepherds Who Feed Only Themselves
Shortchanging for Jesus
Actually Count the Shekels

I recognize that Mr. Wilson tends to evoke strong reactions (favorably or not), and I certainly don't agree with everything he says. I do find that he sometimes puts his finger upon something exactly, and I think in this case he has done so. He lays out a careful consideration of an important topic, starting with a theological basis (in Double Honor), then discussing good and bad approaches to ministerial compensation (in Shepherds Who Feed Only Themselves and Shortchanging For Jesus) before frank discourse about how a congregation ought to think (and re-think) how they pay their pastor(s) (in Actually Count The Shekels).

Well worth reading if you are in some way involved in the process of evaluating what a new or existing pastor should be paid.

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