Thursday, April 07, 2011

Grafted Into The Vine

I recently had another book (or booklet, actually) come out; this one is called Grafted Into The Vine: rethinking biblical church membership. It's available for only $3.75 in print, or a mere 99¢ as a digital/eBook.

Here's what author and professor T. David Gordon (Why Johnny Can't Preach, Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns) said about my booklet:

"This volume clearly, gently, and biblically addresses why believers should care about and be members of Christ's visible church on earth. It is convincing without being argumentative, and instructive without being pedantic. Thoughtful Christians will be rewarded for the small amount of effort it takes to read this good book."

The book is available through the Doulos Resources eStore, or via Amazon and other outlets. I'd be really grateful if you would check it out! (Maybe even "like" it on Amazon, and/or leave a review!)

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