Sunday, December 19, 2004

Making progress, and more discernment

The “Holy Spirit” church (the one that multiple people mentioned to me) contacted me the other day. They have invited me out to preach for them twice in January. I'm excited about the contact, and about the preaching opportunities.

I have a classmate who is also quite interested in this church; he has preached for them a number of times, and has spoken with their Session about his interest. It is clear that, as far as he can tell, their discussion is ongoing. Yet, they contact me.

Why do they continue to search if they are still interested in my friend? Said another way, why haven't they indicated to my friend that they are not convinced that he is a good candidate? They may be looking for a point of comparison, but it seems like someone is mis-reading (or mis-leading) here: either I am mistaken about their intentions, my friend is mistaken about their interest, or they are not communicating completely with one or both of us.

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