Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

Among other things, I resolve to step up my commitment to writing, including writing for this blog.

I'll even be bold enough to post a few specific writing goals:

  • I want to keep this blog regularly updated (average of 1-2 posts per week) for the rest of this calendar year, at least-- through the entire candidacy process, the transition into a new ministry, and the first six months of that ministry.
  • I want to finish at least one-- maybe two-- of the articles that I've started working on, and submit them for consideration at one of several magazines.
  • I want to edit the curriculum that I wrote with a close friend, getting it ready for publication; then, either find a good publisher for it, or self-publish.
  • I want to advance my research project on candidacy and placement to accomplish two goals: first, finish the work with Covenant Seminary grads; second, expand the scope to include a second seminary's alumni base.

Well, that's quite a list. I may be over-ambitious, but I think I can accomplish several of these over the next year.

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