Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A few words of update...

I posted a while back that, based on some research I had done/was doing/am doing, I suspected that nothing significant would happen with our search until closer to graduation. Marcie and I have been expecting things to begin to pick up after January 1st. The basic reasoning is that, since churches looking for solo pastors can't afford to wait around for 5 or 6 months while I finish a degree, most wouldn't look at me seriously as a candidate.

So far, that suspicion (prediction?) has come true, at least to a small degree. Things have begun to happen. Here's a quick update about what has happened in the past three weeks:

First (on our way to visit our families for Christmas, no less-- I was literally pumping gas when we got the phone call!), a member of a search committee called to ask if I could come to their church as pulpit supply. I have mentioned several times on this blog; it is the one that several friends and professors have suggested I contact, and one of my professors actually suggested to them that they call me. As far as I can tell, this invitation for pulpit supply is also an informal start of the candidacy process.

When we got home from our trip, we found a letter from a church to whom I had sent a resume some time back; they had written earlier, indicating that there were some obstacles that would slow their progress, and would keep me in consideration. This letter was simply to inform us that they were ready to proceed with their search, and that I remained in the running.

We also had a phone message from an Elder at a church that had seen on the PCA Administration Committtee's vacant pulpit website, and wanted to contact. It was also an invitation of sorts, but I could not tell from the message if I was invited to preach, to become a candidate, or both. The church is more than 3 hours from St. Louis, so the idea of simple pulpit supply seems less likely. I don't know how they got my name.

Another letter came, thanking me for submitting my stuff, but that, on careful consideration, I was not a good fit. They had prayed for my search and wished me well.

Similarly, I heard from the Christian school that had approached me: they have eliminated me from the final round of consideration. They have several candidates that are better-qualified than I, which I think is great. This school clearly needs good leadership, and I was poorly qualified for the position. Frankly, I am relieved about this, for the most part.

Finally, I also received an e-mail from an Elder who had received the information I sent right before Christmas. He thanked me for my information, and indicated that a cursory glance looked fine. The information will be passed on to the rest of the search committee.

All of that, and I haven't sent out but one packet of information in nearly two months! I have a list of 10 or so churches to send information to, and I'm interested to see what that produces.

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