Sunday, January 09, 2005

Changing plans

Some things have happened that change everything about our plans.

I had been anticipating graduation in May of this year, based on plans to transfer credit from another seminary that I completed before coming to St. Louis. I have just found out (mere hours after I wrote the last post) that this credit will not transfer, and the result is that I have more hours to complete at Covenant than I am able to do in one semester. Therefore, we have revised our plans, now planning to graduate in December 2005.

This implications of this for our candidacy are not as bad as it seems that they would be. Since we haven't had much progress so far, it is no big deal to simply phase our search back a notch or two. Essentially, this means that we are, right now, at the same place we (thought we) were last June-- about 11 months out from graduation and starting to survey the landscape.

The biggest frustration is that I thought I had a good feel for the lay of the land: I knew what churches were searching, and I had several strong prospects that I felt were promising. I also had the "inside track" of sorts on a few opportunities that weren't common knowledge. Now, none of these really matter for our search, and I'll have to start from scratch to get to this point again.

The best part is that God knows exactly what is in store for us, and He knew all along that our graduation would happen in His timing. If I won't finish until December, I can trust that He knows better than me what great things that holds.


jane. said...

* not sure what "solo pastorate" is, and not sure where (in regards to location) you feel called to minister (and what kind of community), but if you move to the chapel hill, nc, area, and if your family needs a babysitter so you and your wife can have a night out, you make sure you let me know (dunno how old your kids are).

Ed said...

Thanks Jane-- my wife went to Chapel Hill, so she/we would love to move to that area. Your offer is generous, and we would love to take you up on it. By the way, our kids are 28 months (Jack) and 5 months (Molly). Oh, and I enjoy reading your blog.

jane. said...

* Hope your wife looks forward to (hopefully) seeing the Tarheels play in St. Louis this spring.
Ooh, 5 months and 28 much fun. The babysitting offer still stands while I'm in St. Louis.