Tuesday, January 18, 2005

What's Next?

Yesterday, I preached at the church that five different people mentioned to me (I blogged about that situation here). They were a great group of people, very warm and appreciative of my coming, especially since we had to drive through Saturday night's snow to get there.

They have a search committee organized to find a Pastor, but they have been advised by the Shepherding Committee of their Presbytery to find an Interim Pastor. (The Shepherding Committee is a group charged with overseeing the health and well-being of the churches in a Presbytery, which, in the PCA, is the next level of organization up from the local congregation.) I think they would do well to follow the advice of the Shepherding Committee; an Interim would help them find their focus, and give them some stability while they take their time finding the right candidate.

The possibility has arisen that I might become that Interim; possibly for the summer, or even on through the fall, I could serve as a “Student Pastor” and work with them for 15-20 hours a week or so. Preaching and teaching, meeting with the Session and others for planning and strategy, some visitation, maybe some counseling. It could be an exciting opportunity to help a church find its sense of revitalization. I could also be a great experience for me, and one that would offer a kind of preparation for ministry that seminary can't touch.

I have this sense of connection to this church. I'm sure some of it is that I am convinced that the Holy Spirit put this church in my path for some reason. Some of it is because it reminded me of the first church I worked for, that Marcie and I both loved so deeply. Some of it may be simple compassion on these folks, and a longing to see them cared for and shepherded.

What will come of this? It may become more certain, one way or another, as I continue to preach for them. I'll be preaching there two more times, for sure, and maybe more. I'm praying for clarity and guidance. Maybe you would pray for that, too.

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