Saturday, September 10, 2005

Check-in: Sept. 10, 2005

Today I planted the seed of suggestion with my mother that we might stay in St. Louis. She took it well.

Not too long ago, Marcie told me that she would be surprised if we weren't still in St. Louis a year from now. Not because she doubts our ability to place, but because she thinks that the opportunities that are here for us are too good to be improbable.

The two biggest things on the horizon are both related to schools and are, in fact, both in St. Louis. They also are both a departure (in form, but not substance) from what I've imagined myself doing over the past three years or so.

One is with the school where I work; nothing has emerged formally there, but I get the sense that I could have a long-term place there if I wished. And I have to admit that the people and environment are truly wonderful; in many ways I could be quite content there.

Another is the position I've mentioned before in a vague, nebulous way. I have a meeting on Tuesday where the details for that position should come to light. I also intend to make my intentions about candidacy for this position known at that meeting. As I've considered this opportunity more and more over the past two months, I've become more and more interested. If you would, please pray for my Tuesday meeting.

Apart from these opportunities, full-fledged candidacy efforts will ramp up at the beginning of October. Maybe I'll give a glimpse of my scouting report between now and then.

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