Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Check-in: July 19, 2005

The church I mentioned in my last Check-in (and also here) has narrowed the pool of candidates down to just seven... and I'm not among them. Several of my classmates are, however, and I think it could be a wonderful church for one of them to serve.

Another position has come into view, however. This one is not very unlike a position I considered last fall, in this way: it is outside of the field of calling I had been considering until now. At this point, I can't give a lot of details about it (partly because I don't have many of them myself!), but be assured that I will reflect on it a good bit once the details emerge.

At this point, a large part of our placement process should be about prayer. Unfortunately, prayer always seems to be one of my greatest weaknesses. I want my prayer life to be vital and useful to God, but I'm struggling with the realities of it.

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