Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Check-in: January 4, 2006

Welcome to the first Check-in of 2006. The Christmas holiday brought, unsurprisingly, no substantial developments in candidacy. Here's where things stand:
  • The outstanding resume count remains the same as before; I elected not to send out more until mid-January, as I am fairly convinced that anything that had been received between December 15 and January 7 or 8 would find itself in a tall pile of unsorted mail. Perhaps I'll send out some more next week.
  • No significant developments have happened in the aforementioned consideration of the position at Wildwood Christian School. My guess is that January will hold the answers to this position. More in a few weeks.
  • Covenant Seminary has done something-- offered? inquired? let's say, "begun exploration..."-- with regard to a position in their Development department. (While nothing is firmly on the table, the tone of the interview, added to their desire for me to meet with the V.P. of Development, leads me to believe that something not unlike an offer was being made.) This position is interesting to me, though I cannot confidently say to what degree.
  • Note this: the position at Covenant Seminary just mentioned is
  • not
  • the potential seminary position I've mentioned before, but something entirely new. I hope to get more details on the other seminary position in the next week or so.
All in all, it seems like you'll be more interested in the mid-to-late January Check-in than this one. So stay posted.

On another note, I've undertaken a new project for 2006: I'm participating in a new blog with a group of writers who are readers. We're reviewing and discussing books we've read. All of us are Christians, but the books we're reviewing are not only mainstream Christian literature. If you're interested, check it out-- the blog is called Writers Read.

I promise to blog something more substantial soon.

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