Sunday, March 05, 2006

Getting back to the research

Focusing on this lecture yesterday morning, and reviewing the research I've done to prepare for it, has rejuvenated my interest in this topic.

(You can probably tell this, since I've posted five times in two days, as compared to once in 34 days prior to that!)

It's certainly no news that my blogging has slowed down since last summer. While there are a number of things that have contributed to this (other writing projects, a big shift of focus to the work I've been doing at Wildwood Christian School, etc.), if I'm honest with myself then I have to admit that my interest in the subject of placement and transition has ebbed over the last few months. Even as I've been working through the placement process myself, I've not been as faithful to my commitment to reflect on it here. Sorry about that.

Now I'm back in the game, so to speak. I'm ready-- and excited-- to pick up where I left off on my research and reflections on pastoral transition. And since my own placement is completed, I'm free to work more objectively on it.

Two things I plan to work on right away: first, I'm going to focus on extending my research to other seminaries; I started working toward this a little less than a year ago, and hit a few snags. Second, I'm going to resume extrapolating new concepts out of the data I have to strengthen my hypotheses.

I anticipate that my revitalized interest in this topic will result in more frequent blogging and other writing. Keep an eye out for regular new content.

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