Saturday, September 23, 2006

Podcast vol.1 no. 2

Here's the latest Placement Reflections podcast.

On this cast I’ll talk about one of the questions I’ve regularly gotten when I present on candidacy-- specifically, how can a candidate-pastor be discerning about some of the more “hot topic” issues in theological discussion? How should a candidate approach a church that has a certain kind of reputation-- one that raises questions for a candidate-pastor about theological “fit”? In my denomination-- the PCA-- and in many other denominations, internal debates over theological and even biblical issues regularly show up as concerns in the placement process. Also, in the PCA the label "TR" (meaning "totally reformed" or "truly reformed") often shows up; what does this mean? Is it helpful? I’ll try to give a bit of perspective on these and related questions.

This podcast is 9 minutes 48 seconds long.

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