Sunday, March 04, 2007

Interesting salary research

The New York Times recently posted an article called, "How Much Should You Get Paid?" It's a good article, with helpful advice about negotiating (and re-negotiating) salaries.

While the article is geared toward businesses and the secular workforce (naturally), it did point to a few interesting resources:
  • posts the results of its own salary surveys.
  • goes a different route, actually polling* individuals about what they get paid.
  • A newcomer, (still in the very early stages as of this writing) trolls online job listings to develop composite data.
There is interesting data to be found here for Pastors negotiating their salaries-- though I would say the results I found looked a bit high. Still, it may be worth a look.

*The polls conducted by PayScale are based on actual people citing the salaries for their jobs, whereas the surveys conducted by result in generalizations. A minor difference, but it can have major impact on results.

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