Monday, March 05, 2007

When does the interview end?

I've already blogged about how the interview begins the moment the plane touches down. But when does it end?

Rands, the Silicon Valley manager I've mentioned before, suggests that the interview really lasts for 90 days past your first day on the job. And I think he's right.

Look folks can't evaluate you accurately by just your information packet-- and neither can they really assess your value during an interview weekend. While you probably won't get fired for not handling the first ninety days (or the first six months) well, it will definitely set the tone for how your ministry will go. And since the goal is always effective ministry for the full-term of service God has called you to, starting well may be the key to finishing well (or at all).

In addition to the eight principles I've already laid out, Rands has some good ideas, including showing up early and staying late, accepting every lunch invitation you get, and saying something stupid. Rands says it well:

It's not just that you forgot to ask key questions during your initial interview process; it's that the person that you were walking into that interview isn't who you are. You're a resume, you're a referral, and you're a reputation.

Your job interview isn't over until you've asked all the questions and heard all of the stories.

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