Thursday, March 01, 2007

One more thing they don't teach...

Father Matthew Moretz of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Yonkers, New York files a new one (at least in my book) for the "they don't teach you that in seminary" complaint file: they didn't teach him good marketing skills.

Moretz says, "I'm doing more print jobs than sermons. Hmmm..." and from the looks of it, I can believe it. He goes on to suggest that perhaps one of his classes in Church History could have been replaced with a class on Microsoft Publisher.

While I think that goes a bit too far, I'll agree that marketing skills are useful for ministry-- and could fit into the category of things that a seminarian should seek out and learn. As that goes, I've mentioned before that Church Marketing Sucks is a good resource to check out regularly; I'll go ahead and take this opportunity to echo that recommendation.

(By the way, CMS is where I got the link to Moretz's YouTube videos.)

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