Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogging GA, day four: getting down to business

Today I took things to the next level with a few of my leads.
  • I spoke with one Pastor I've known for a long time who recently left his church of 14 years. He told me a lot about the church, thought through whether I would be a good fit (and whether they would give me consideration), and gave the name and number of the person I needed to call.
  • I met with a Pastor whose church is moving to a multi-site model, and they are seeking a "site Pastor" for one part of their congregation. He essentially interviewed me, and assured me they would keep me in consideration, at least for now.
  • I had lunch with two Ruling Elders from a church that is in the early stages of seeking an Associate Pastor. They both had a lot of questions for me, and I learned a lot about their church as well. They also honored me by asking my input about a lot of the questions and concerns they were facing as they developed a position description and prepared to launch their search.
  • I was "screened" by phone for a position I've been pursuing for a few weeks. (While this is not directly related to GA, it still contributed to the busyness and focus of the day.)
  • I also met a few more men who either gave me new leads or indicated that they knew of something and would get back to me.
  • Finally, I was so encouraged to see a few guys who had heard my lecture on advance preparation at Covenant Seminary, and had come to General Assembly to make connections and get prepared for their searches. These guys are doing the hard work of candidacy, and I trust that the Lord will honor their labors.
With nearly 20 new leads to follow up with or begin contacting, General Assembly has been a strong time of candidacy work. At least as important is the encouragement in my candidacy that it has offered.

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