Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blogging GA, day three: making more connections

I continued today to find that General Assembly is a profitable venue for making connections toward candidacy. Without digging into too many details, here's a quick synopsis of Wednesday's productivity:
  • My friends and former classmates continued to offer me help and tips in finding leads to new opportunities-- through them I met no less than five new people today, all of whom had opportunities to share with me (often including names and phone numbers of contacts).
  • At least five friends asked me to call them in the next week, as they had information in their offices at home that was needed for pointing me toward new leads.
  • I met my old Young Life leader from high school, who now is an Associate Pastor in a PCA church; he is helping me connect with his Senior Pastor on Thursday, as they are seeking a new staff member.
  • I was told about the same church, and encouraged to contact them, by three different people at different times. Clearly, this is an opportunity I need to follow up with!
  • I also connected to the Acquisitions Editors at three different publishing houses, and they are all interested in seeing a proposal for my book on transition from seminary into pastoral ministry.
One further thought here: All of these connections are ones that are served better by the fact that I am here, in person. Let me give two examples why:

One of the Acquisitions Editors told me that he was interested in my book, but probably wouldn't have looked at it seriously if it had simply come by e-mail as an unsolicited proposal. Because it was of a peculiar nature, he said, it would have been one that was eliminated through an early screening.

Similarly, my former Young Life leader told me at first that they were probably looking for someone with a bit more experience than me. After we spoke for a few minutes about what my experience actually was, however, he was willing to encourage his Senior Pastor to consider me more closely.

Of course, neither of these are sure-bets, but I wouldn't even have received their consideration if I had not been speaking with them face-to-face. This is still more evidence at the value and importance of networking.

More tomorrow on my last full day.

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