Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Help Doulos Resources

For the last 2+ years, this blog has been hosted by and associated with Doulos Resources, something of a "parent ministry" for my work in researching and reflecting on pastoral transition. During that time, Doulos Resources has grown and expanded in surprising ways!

During that time also, I've received a number of e-mails and phone calls about pastoral transition. I've had the blessing and privilege of encouraging pastors and seminarians in their candidacy and placement into a new pastoral call. I have counseled with those considering transition. I've helped search committees with the "big picture" and also been able to help some make connections with candidates they eventually called. It is such an honor to serve Christ's church and the pastors He has called to minister to His church in this way.

Doulos Resources is facing some financial need, and therefore is conducting a small fundraising campaign. If you have been helped by the ministry of this blog, or if you think it helpful for others, please consider supporting Doulos Resources financially. Any amount-- seriously, ANY AMOUNT-- will help.

Here's more information about the fundraising campaign.

Here's a quick way to contribute, and to see the progress of the campaign:

(If you can't see the neat widget, please click here.)

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