Saturday, February 05, 2011

When the Word Leads Your Pastor Search

There is precious-little good information guiding search teams and pulpit committees through the process in a godly, biblical way. That's why I'm very interested in this new book by Chris Brauns, entitled When the Word Leads Your Pastor Search.

From everything I've seen (including a handful of reviews on the web), it appears to be a valuable and much-needed resource for search committees, Sessions/boards, and other leaders as they labor in congregations that are undergoing a pastoral search process. Brauns's focus on biblical principles for guiding the search process (and for selecting proper candidates to present to congregations) is refreshing in a time when the criteria often seem careless or arbitrary.

I've read part of the book, and look forward to the rest. You can download a free chapter at the book's website, or get a copy on Amazon. (The Kindle edition is only $5.99!)

Search Committees: take note!

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