Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day in the life, day -2

I'm going to start a (hopefully) regular series where I give a snapshot of my day as a new pastor in my church. When it goes live, I'll mirror these posts on a blog on the church's website.

We're moving in this week, and actually take occupancy of our house on Thursday; thus, I'm counting that as officially day one. Today, therefore, is "Day #-2". Here's today's snapshot:

We moved out of our St. Louis home today. Woke at 6:15, packed/cleaned/closed up all day, then drove 5 hours to Tennessee. We arrived at the Days Inn (where I'm writing this) just before 1am. Long day.

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Woody said...

I stumbled upon your blog this morning. I'm happy to see your success in finding a position. We will be forming a search committee soon to fill our pulpit. I will be using your postings as helpful information in our search. There is so much to consider. Smooth sailing for you and yours.