Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week in the life...

[This post was originally written on Oct. 14, 2007]

It's been a crazy week. As I mentioned a few days ago, we got to Tennessee very late. On Wednesday, we met our realtor for the walk-through of our house, then went to set up utilities. After lunch, we met our realtor again and drove to closing. We closed on the house and then went back to the hotel, where I bumped into a member of our new church! (He saw me pulling into the parking lot.) It is a pretty small town...

Thursday, the movers came and we were unloaded. Man, we're so grateful for a full-service move (at least the loading and unloading part). Special thanks to Larry Robbins of Cord North American, who gave us a gracious discount because we were seminary/ministry people. If you're in St. Louis, send Larry your business if you can. That evening, one of the sweet ladies in our church brought us dinner, and helped us unpack.

Friday was a lot of unpacking, and I took some stuff up to my office at the church. I also took a little time to work on my sermon for Sunday! And a trip to Lowe's emphasized the fact that we're home-owners again.

Saturday was more of the same, unpacking, trying to settle in, and preparing for Sunday. There's a pot-luck carry-in (the local term) on Sunday, and we're taking a delicious dessert that Marcie makes. My sister also came to town, so that she could worship with us on my first Sunday.

All in all, a very full week.

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